here is the patch for version 1.2.0

There version 1.2.0 of Bayonet 3 is finally available through the Download the fix patch. The contents of the update are many, perhaps too many, so stay with us to discover all the new features brought to the title of PlatinumGames:

Version 1.2.0 (January 10, 2023)

  • Changed Viola’s activation window for block and activation conditions for Witch Time.
  • Added an extra animation when the Witch Time is triggered, making it easier to trigger.
  • The duration of the Witch Time and its activation window have been lengthened.
  • Now, when the block is triggered during an attack taken, the player will receive the damage effect, but the block will succeed and trigger Witch Time.
  • Now, the combo can continue (with Dodge Offset) when the player uses Block to activate Witch Time.
  • If the Block input is used repeatedly, the length of Witch Time granted will decrease.
  • Made changes to prevent Viola’s evasive input and Cheshire’s summoning input from triggering Assault Slaves retaining invincibility if they are used in quick succession.
  • The weapons “Simoon”, “Tartarus” and Viola’s charged attacks can now continue to hold the charge, even when dodged or blocked.
  • Wink Slave can now be activated by “PKP*” and “PKK*” combos for “G-Pillar”, “Dead End Express” and “Cassiopeia” weapons. *P is for Punch and K is for Kick
  • When equipping accessories “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” to summon Devils and Butterflies, the summon move can now be canceled by dodging or blocking.

This list, as you can see, contains only the updates to the combat system of Bayonetta 3, specifically, to Viola’s CS, but there are many other additions to the title in question.

Bayonetta 3: here is the patch for version 1.2.0 2

Bayonetta 3: General Title Updates

  • The conditions for obtaining “Tricolor Keys” needed to open the “Old Picture Book” have been simplified.
  • The “tricolor keys” will automatically be available in the chapter selection screen once you can access the “Gates of Hell”.
  • Even if the player already has access to the Gates of Hell, or has already obtained a key or two, they will automatically obtain the remaining keys when going to the chapter select screen after applying the update.

Bayonetta 3: here is the patch for version 1.2.0 3

Lastly, Bayonet 3 will see many of its bugs (mostly minor) fully resolved by this fix. What can I say, Platinum Games has certainly worked hard to respond to the needs of fans and to resolve any problems and / or requests from them.

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