here is the official jury and who will present

X Factor 16 finally has its full jury. In fact, after the return of Fedez and the new entry Ambra Angiolini, the third member of the talent show juryand it will be Dargen D’Amico, as leaked in recent weeks.

The arrival of Dargen D’Amico in the X Factor jury also marks the entry of a second rapper in the television broadcast. In fact, the singer was born as a rapper but now he does a bit of everything, in fact everyone remembers him for his hit born in Sanremo “Dove si balla“, Which does not belong to the rap or hip-hop sphere. The news of his arrival came via theofficial Twitter account by X Factor.

As reported by, it seems that the fourth place in the jury should be occupied by Rkomi, the young man who exploded during the last Sanremo Festival. Furthermore, there will not even be Manuel Agnelli, there will not even be Ludovico Tersigni conducting the talent show. Indeed, in its place there will be Francesca Michielin, singer who was successful right after winning X Factor in 2012. In addition, the singer also won two second places when she participated in the Italian Song Festival. Despite being a really interesting curriculum, none of this is still 100 percent certain, so we have to wait for official confirmation from the production.

But to find out who will be the judges of this new edition of X Factor and the host you won’t have to wait long. Yes, because auditions to join the talent show will begin early next month, specifically: 4, 5, 7, 8 and 12 June 2022. Where is it? You will have to go to the Allianz Cloud in Milan. Precisely because of the approach of the auditions, it is very likely that there will be new information on the formation that will take the field, they will sit on the famous red seats, ready to judge anyone who shows up on stage with a pinch of irony. So you just have to wait for the first week of June.