here is the fantastic watch made in collaboration with NASA and Anicorn Watches

Surprisingly, Kojima Productions has announced a new collaboration with Anicorn Watches and NASA to create a watch dedicated to Ludens, KojiPro’s space explorer mascot. This particular accessory, in fact, takes the name of Space Ludens and, in addition to presenting a design inspired by the Lu # 1 EVA suit, bears the engraved logos of Kojima Productions (the software house that of Hideo Kojima who gave us Death Stranding) and NASA (the US space agency).

The announcement of the company that made the watch: “Anicorn Watches is honored to present the watch, born from an unrepeatable collaboration: Space Ludens. An epic partnership inspired by Ludens to proclaim the creativity and importance of video games in culture. Anicorn designed Space Ludens with Kojima Productions using the NASA logo as one of the design motifs. The watch is fundamentally inspired by Ludens, the icon and mascot of the Kojima studio ”.

As reported on the official Anicorn Watch website, availability for purchase starts from 27 September. It means that there are very few days left. What is not clear, however, is whether this particular accessory will also set foot in Europe and Italy even if, judging by the site, one could assume so. However, at the moment, the price and number of pieces actually available are really unknown. We, in fact, do not struggle to believe it may be a very limited edition collector’s item.


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Source: Anicorn Watches