here is London, the mod that transports you to post-nuclear England

Many are waiting for news on the Bethesda franchise. While the company is busy developing it – along with all the other projects like The Elder Scrolls 6 – someone thinks well to propose new content for Fallout 4, such as mod London. As explained in the title it is a mod (but it looks more like an unofficial DLC) than reskinna everything to immerse ourselves in a London destroyed by world nuclear conflicts.

The great war of 2077 that is the premise for the series and which culminated in a nuclear bombing on a global scale has almost totally destroyed humanity. In the various chapters of the series – as in Fallout 4 – we see how the United States has changed after the attack. In no case are we ever aware of what happened outside the US borders. Although we could have imagined it, Fallout London gives us an idea of ​​what the atomic bombing of the British capital could look like. The mod is enriched by the vocal contribution of two exceptional actors. It’s about the British Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Do you know who I am? Respectively the sixth and seventh doctors of the classic Doctor Who series.

The mod is not yet available but the authors have decided to keep all gamers updated through theirs twitter profile and, more recently, with a long gameplay video of about 18 minutes.


Fallout 4, released in 2015, is the penultimate installment of the main series. Set in Boston, it tells the story of the only survivor of Vault 112. His Vault was designed to cryogenic hibernation occupants for a period of 180 days but, due to a malfunction and subsequent abandonment, he remained in animation suspended for about 200 years.

The London mod is not one of a kind. A similar one had already appeared some time ago but set in Miami.

Source: YouTube