Here comes Garden In!, sandbox of Italian production

The Italian developer Dramatic Iceberg and the Finnish publisher Bonus Internship Publishing announce today the January 26 as the release date of their new game Garden In! and to celebrate that, they’ve released a brand new trailer for the game.

Fans of plants and wholesome games have been waiting for the game since summer 2022 when its demo was featured on Wholesome Direct. Now the doors to your dream gardens are finally opening, full of sweetness and warmth.

“We love plants, but our team hasn’t been very good at keeping them alive. That’s why we worked hard on Garden In! in order to create a fun yet relaxing experience for all. Now I can say that we are a little better at taking care of our green friends.” he claims Tommaso Verden, game designer at the Dramatic Iceberg development studio.

The game will be released on SteamEpic Games Store and on January 26 at 14:00 CET. The release for other platforms is planned and should happen soon.