here comes a long-awaited patch for the…

Time to updates for Nintendo Switch titles, this time it’s the turn of Persona 5 Royale that updates to version 1.02. compared tohuge patch obtained from Bayonetta 3 (HERE our article), the title featuring the ghost thieves needed just a couple of minor corrections (but not for this unwelcome or unsolicited by the fans):

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would go blank during gameplay
  • Fixed a network error that occurred under specific conditions (via Nintendo Everything).

Persona 5 Royale: a 2nd youth, indeed, a continuous youth!

Few remember that the debut of the original Person 5 happened on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 only on Japanese territory back in 2016 (after some delays, as the title should have been released in 2014), but since then, until 2022 with its release on Xbox Game Pass and its arrival on 9th generation consoles and Nintendo Switch, thanks also to the upgrade of Persona 5 Royale, the title developed by ATLUS is experiencing a sort of continuous youth!

In these 6 years since its launch, gamers’ interest in the title seems to have never waned and indeed, in the last 18 months it has really exploded in all directions (and on all consoles!), leading to sales of over a million just for the new consoles!

Person 5

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