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Fall Guys goes free: here are the details

Fall Guys is one of the most popular games of recent times, despite having seen a drastic drop in players shortly after its release. Each of us will have seen at least once a video or a live dedicated to this title, but if you haven’t bought it yet, we have great news: Fall Guys will go free!

It does not end here: the game, in fact, it will also be extended to the Japanese console, Nintendo Switchto achieve even more player scattered all over the world. Obviously we remind you that you will need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to take advantage of the multiplayer features; same thing, unfortunately, with regards to PS4, PS5 and the various Xboxes.

For PC gamers, however, things are very simple: just download the game from EGS (Epic Games Store) and create an account. It’s not a good news day, though, since Fall Guys it will be removed from Steam at the same time as its price drop. Probably this decision was made following the purchase of the title by Epic Games.

If you already have the work in your Steam library, we reassure you by telling you that the game will be updated normally and you’ll have a chance to continue enjoying the wacky but fun worlds of the home title Mediatonic.

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