here are the 8 perfect games for The Last of Us creator, Neil Druckmann

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Naughty Dog currently has a lot of meat on the stove. Among the various projects on the list, we have an unspecified remake. Although it has been confirmed, in fact, it is not clear which title is being referred to. There are those who say it could The Last of Us, also seen as the release of the TV series is getting closer and closer. In addition to this, we know that the software is working on multiple games at the same time after finishing the development of The Last of Us 2. But let’s get away from this for a moment.

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann recently compiled a particular list of video games. On Twitter, in fact, Druckmann replied to a tweet asking: “Which video game do you consider to be perfect?“. Druckmann responded with a very respectable selection of games. We thus have:

  • Icoone of the games from the authors of Shadow of the Colossus
  • Portalfamous for its atypical gameplay
  • Insidegame developed by the authors of Limbo
  • Tetriswhich certainly needs no introduction
  • Street Fighter 2considered one of the best fighting games ever
  • Mokey Island 2loved by millions of players and whose new chapter Return to Monkey Island was recently announced
  • Super Mario Brosamong the most iconic video games ever
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pastconsidered among the best chapters of the saga

Certainly the list made by Druckmann takes into consideration video games that, in one way or another, have made history. Furthermore, Naughty Dog co-chair is playing Elden Ring, where he created a character that looks like a clicker.


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