here are four games already confirmed for December 2022 on PC, Xbox One, Series X and Series S

Although the month of November is not over yet and there are several games still available, four titles arriving in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for the next month of December 2022 would have already been confirmed.

The titles in question, which we can consider already within Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass are Hello Neighbor 2 Coming December 6th; Chained Echoes for December 8; Infinite Guitars and High On Life scheduled for December 13th. All four games will be available on both PC and Xbox consoles.

As for Hello Neighbor 2 it is a particular stealthIaction with semi-horror elements. Announced in 2020, the game was expected in 2021. Tiny Build and Dynamic Pixels have decided to postpone the release and move it to December 6th. The game, therefore, will debut on Game Pass on Day One.


High On Life is nothing more or less than a confirmation. Colorful and lively, the game produced by Squanch Games shares the authorial part with the same authors of Rick and Morty. We last saw him in action during Gamescom 2022. In August, Squanch showed us a boss fight. We knew that the title would make its debut on December 13, sharing the date of the retail release with the addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Chained Echoes, developed by Matthias Linda, is a 16bit style RPG. Here, now that we have the curiosity of retro style lovers let’s try to capture everyone’s attention. The game, in fact, mixes typical elements of the fantasy canon such as dragons, swords and knights, with others that you wouldn’t usually expect to find in such a game. Which? In a word: Mecha. Exactly. Not quite a Metal Gear, a Gundam, or the suites seen in Armored Core or Left Alive but almost, come on. Also in this case it is a game that debuts on Xbox Game Pass on the occasion of day one, on December 8th.

Infinite Guitars, likewise, arrives in the catalog on Day One. The game, produced by Humble Bundle, is out both on the Microsoft and Steam stores as well as, of course, on its publisher’s store. What is it about? As the name suggests, we will be faced with a very colorful rhytm game which, according to Nikki Nikki (the developer) will contain RPG elements. Come High on Life is expected on December 13th.

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source: TrueAchievement