Hello Games with the Leviathan DLC introduces the roguelite elements. Here is the trailer

Hello Games has released Leviathan, the latest update of No Man’s Sky. It is a new expedition with which the game is further enriched. To present it, Hello Games has also released a trailer that already launches us in the new content.

“Death is not the end”, thus opens the video presentation of Leviathan. The gamer is invited to “re-enter the loop“. As reported by The Vergethe new expansion has a Roguelike twist. According to The Verge, this loop in No Man’s Sky calls up Returnal in some respects. By playing No Man’s Sky’s Leviathan mission each death resets the player’s progress forcing him to start over each time with some randomly generated differences. The infinite cycle of death / resurrection, however frustrating it may seem, will contribute to a collective objective by allowing you to unlock every time, for all the other players, better equipment that will be found in the inventory at each resurrection after the defeat. A “multiplayer“Asynchronous and cooperative that remembers, very vaguely, the concept behind Death Stranding to be understood.

But there’s an even bigger reward awaiting at the end of this new No Man’s Sky mission. As the name implies, the surprise consists in the creature of Lovecraftian memory: the Leviathan, in fact. The gamers had been clamoring for a space whale and there it was for them.


What do you think? Hello Games is increasingly committed to expanding their game by improving it update after update. Outlaws was released in April. More recently, however, the company announced that it is working on a much more ambitious game. No Man’s Sky, however, is far from complete.

Source: Hello Games