Heart of Chornobyl has been postponed to 2023

Confirmation from the development team arrives.

After having promptly reported the rumors that emerged on the net in the past and regarding the postponement of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl during 2023in this article we report a new and important confirmation about the postponement of the launch of the game next year.

In fact after the development of the title was suspended in February later to the Russian invasion of Ukrainewith the GSC Game World studio which had its headquarters in Kiev, it is not surprising at all to note that more and more confirmations about the postponement of the release date of the project are flowing into the network.

So while the launch of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl is still officially scheduled for8 December 2022given the above circumstances it did not take hardly anyone by surprise to see that at the presentation of Xbox + Bethesda Showcase of 12 June 2022 the title was present among the projects arriving on the market during the next year.

The development team has confirmed the postponement of Stalker 2 to 2023

And after this fact, the well-known online portal PC Gamer contacted directly GSC Game World to ask him if the above image shared by Microsoft was truthful, with the Ukrainian development team sadly confirming the postponement.

Below you will find the statements of Zakhar Bocharov by GSC, very clear and concise:

“It happened a little earlier than expected, we were actually planning to reveal it in the next few days. But yes, the game will now be released in 2023. “

At this point we just have to wait for further information on the matter, with CSC which will soon announce the postponement to 2023probably already setting a new official release date.