Heart of Chernobyl resumes development!

In early March, the development team GSC Game World had announced the suspension of work on STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl as a direct consequence of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. In fact, the employees of the firm found themselves a to overshadow the project in order to ensure the safety of their familiesput to flight by the advance of war attacks.

Some details on the state of health of STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Now, a few months later, it would seem that the development of the title is finally resumed. Confirmation comes directly from the server Discord dedicated to the game, where one of the developers said laconically “continues”.

In the past, it had been confirmed that GSC Game World was managed to move part of its development team to Pragueall to do proceed somehow game development. It is currently unknown the percentage of staff still located in Ukraine, or how many of those who successfully arrived in the Czech Republic are working on the expected sequel, but one thing is certain: despite numerous adversities, development proceeds.


Some time agoGSC Game World had changed the wording of the subtitle of the game from Chernobyl to Chornobyl (i.e. passing from the Russian pronunciation, better known, to the Ukrainian one) as a means to emphasize and defend the Ukrainian identitywhose legitimacy it is thus harshly questioned by the ongoing conflict.


Despite being still scheduled for the end of the yearit is very likely that the release of the game will end up being postponed to a later date. The target platforms, on the other hand, always remain Xbox Series X / S And PC.