HBO’s TV series finally has a launch window

Work on HBO’s The Last of Us TV series is now coming to an end, to the point that you already think about when to launch it. And to reveal it was the same director Kantemir Balagov who dealt in particular with the pilot episode, generally the most decisive for a TV series as it can determine its success or not.

For Balagov the TV series of The Last of Us will be released by HBO early next year. So in the first months of 2023.

The director has clarified that the production process is still ongoing, but the state of the work is quite advanced. In fact, as revealed by the same broadcaster in recent days, filming is almost over and consequently only the post-production phase would be missing, which includes editing, special effects and dubbing.


This bodes well that what Kantemir Balagov said may actually occur. But one thing needs to be clarified, which is meant by the words “early next year“? The phrase is rather generic and often refers without any doubt to the first half of the year, with a greater chance of seeing the finished product in the first three to four months.

The news is undoubtedly positive, even if there will be a very long wait before we can actually see the TV series of The Last of Us.

Some news could also arrive on the video game front. Jeff Grubb in fact has revealed that already this year the remake of the first game will be revealed. We will also see news about The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer, which will be much better structured than the “Factions”Of the first chapter of the Naughty Dog game.

Source: Comicbook