HBO ready to show the first images of the series with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

It seems that HBO is ready to show the first images directly from the series dedicated to The Last of Us. The Naughty Dog Central profile announced it with a tweet. It seems that HBO has decided to give us this gift in anticipation of the 50th birthday of the US television station. But, as Naughty Dog Central specifies, the “reveal” should not coincide with the actual anniversary but should be a “preparation” event. It should be remembered, in fact, that although the television network blows out its candles in November, the former Outbreak Day is set for 26 September.

For those who are fasting on The Last of Us lore, in the narrative universe of games, September 26 is the time when the spread of cordyceps – the fungus responsible for infections – reached its critical mass (i.e. when the number of infected was such that it could no longer be effectively contained). The “memorial” has been celebrated since 2013, the year the original game was released. Starting from 2020, after the spread of Covid-19, Naughty Dog and Sony PlayStation have decided to change the name of the event in a more sober – and recognizable – The last of Us Day.

For this year, however, there did not seem to be any particular events scheduled. A first teaser or even some preview scene from the series could be great ways to pass the wait. The series should arrive in 2023 on HBO Max and, consequently, in Italy it should be broadcast by Sky Atlantic. In August, we had a lightning-fast first teaser.


Source: Naughty Dog Central