Harrison Ford returns, here is the first poster of the new film

2023 will bring to theaters a new Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford. While we are here, all waiting to find out more about the film – the fifth of the franchise – the official twitter profile dedicated to the character shared a tweet showing the first poster of the film. A very simple image to tell the truth, which portrays the silhouette of the leading actor who stands out in one of the typical scenarios that made the cinematic IP great.

Filming on the sixth Indiana Jones film wrapped last March. The film was announced way back in 2016 but, due to some production slowdowns, it did not have time to reach theaters on the expected release date.. Initially expected in 2019, the film was later postponed. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic has blocked all production sectors including the film industry which has had to move several appointments forward. With the news of the latest take, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Mads Mikkelsen recently spoke about the film and Harrison Ford. The Danish actor spoke of the Indiana Jones performer as a man ‘monstrous‘. Mikkelsen then explained that he intended the term as a compliment given the physical prowess of Ford who, he says, always came and went from the set riding his bicycle. Besides the two of them, the cast is expected participation of Antonio Banderas and Phoebe Waller-Bridge who is entrusted with the role of female protagonist. It does not seem to be involved Shia LeBouf who nor “The Crystal Skull” played the son of the archaeologist. Director of the film, James Mangold.


Still absent, several details on the plot which, however, at this point we are sure they will not be long in coming. If this happens and we bring them back to you, do not worry, we will always promptly notify you of any spoilers.

Source: twitter