Halo Infinite, the head of design leaves 343 Industries

Jerry Hook confirmed his farewell from 343 Industries.

While fans are grappling with the season 2 from Halo Infinitecalled Lone Wolvesin these hours Jerry Hookthe head of the design of the last chapter of the series starring the taciturn and heroic Master Chiefannounced that he had officially left 343 Industries.

Hook shared this important update through his official Twitter profile, warmly thanking all those who granted him this important job opportunity, but without revealing the reasons that led him to leave the American development team belonging to the Xbox Game Studios.

Halo Infinite’s head of design has left the American development team

Below you will find the full message shared directly by Jerry Hook:

Today is my last day at 343 Industries, Microsoft, and Halo. This adventure was filled with worlds to create, platforms and products from Xbox, Xbox Live and Halo. But most of all it meant working together with some of the industry’s most passionate people, who have made a big impact on millions of people around the world.

Thank you all for allowing me to be by your side in this fantastic industry. And thanks to this community. “If we really did everything we are capable of doing we would be literally stunned.” – Edison

The developer has therefore not revealed what his next work experience will be, while instead 343 Industries he has not announced who will take the place of the good Jerry Hook.

Filed this news regarding the American home development team Microsoftwe remind you that in recent days a fan has posted a video where you can see Halo Infinite hug none other than l’Unreal Engine 5. Click here to guatarvelo!