hacker attack on the main sites of Italian institutions, such as the Senate and the Ministry of Defense!

Russia would have put in place a serious hacker attack on the Italian sites of the Senate and the Ministry of Defense but not only. After a moment where they seemed to be inaccessible, now the Italian sites of the Senate but also of the Ministry of Defense and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità are back online.

Via Telegram the pro-Russian hacker group named Killnet would have published a series of addresses that would have been violated, with the following message “Attack on Italy“. The list includes the addresses of the sites of the Senate, the Ministry of Defense, that of the Scuola Superiore Studi of Lucca and the Higher Institute of Health as well as the ACI.

It would be a type attack DDoS, or an attack where the victim is stormed by an exaggerated amount of requests and this anomalous traffic prevents access or makes the site work very slow. However, the latter would appear to have re-entered.


Among the nations targeted, there is also Spain. In addition, the pro-Russian group he also asked other hackers for help in attacking other Polish and German sitesin the next few hours.

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Source: Rai News