Guilty Gear – Who is Elphelt Valentine? Part 2

It is now clear that the cadence with which these articles come out on Guilty Gear is quite bizarre. On the other hand, they are insights that take a lot of time to write and it is difficult to do it while one tries to follow 4 major leagues of League of Legends plus various international events, right? All to justify the fact that the first part of this article came out in May. Oh well, oops.

Continuing our talk on Elphelt Valentine, in the first part we had talked about its characteristics and its history. Of all the Valentines, Elphelt is the most “Japanese.” It embodies the all-oriental fixation for the very young girls and very in love, willing to do anything (but absolutely everything) for their future husbanddespite being quite a bit clumsy.

In this second and last part, as usual, we will complete the speech. We will talk about the abilities possessed by Elphelt Valentine and we will conclude everything with the usual roundup of quotes and curiosities related to the character. There are always many things to say, although Elphelt is probably one of the least popular Valentines. So let’s get started!

Guilty Gear – Elphelt Valentine’s skills

Elphelt was the first Valentine to break free of “Mother’s control,” thanks to her contempt for violence (even though it was actually all an elaborate plan to get her to infiltrate better). Although you don’t like to fight, though, Elphelt remains a Valentine and as such is a formidable opponent from the start given his physical and magical abilities far superior to those of a normal human being.

In battle Elphelt uses a large number of firearms, the two best known are the Ms. Confille sniper rifle and the Ms. Travailler shotgun. In addition to these she has a pistol, fruit-shaped grenades, a cannon and an explosive champagne, all hidden in her bouquet of roses. The projectiles of these weapons are automatically made with the mana present in the air. Elphelt is a phenomenal gunslinger, capable of effectively using firearms at any range.

However, the true extent of Elphelt’s power is still unknown. Her latent power, for example, allows her to know the location of any individual who has pure Gear cells and to teleport from them, but she doesn’t control them well. When the “Mother” briefly regains control, transforming her into Dark Elpheltits power proves to be more than enough to devastate an entire city area.

In the end Elphelt, as an artificial Valentine-type form native to the backyard, may seem human, but not in the least. Like the other Valentines, in fact, she has internal control mechanisms and a real combat form (probably the Dark one already mentioned), as well as the ability to self-destruct. The former allow her to completely inhibit Ramlehtal’s powersif you want to.

Guilty Gear – Curiosities about Elphelt Valentine

Let’s start with a list of all the themes of Elphelt Valentine for each game (i.e. one, sigh):
Guilty Gear XrdPuppets

Elphelt’s main theme, the conjunction of roses and guns, it also harks back to Guns N ‘Roses too well. Her wedding dress resembles that of Stephanie Seymour in the November Rain video and on it there is the writing “You Could Be Mine” which is the title of another of their songs.

The funny thing is that Elphelt shares his birthday not only with Christmas, but also with Axl Low and Dizzytwo characters who owe a lot to Guns N ‘Roses.

Another probable inspiration behind his concept are shotguns weddingor that all-American habit where one of the two parties (usually the groom) is forced to marry the other.

Some another musical quote scattered:

  • her white wedding dress draws too easily “White Wedding” by Billy Idol.
  • its instant kill probably mentions “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi.
  • her diamond-colored eyes are probably an allusion to the Deftones album Diamond Eyes.

Guilty Gear Elphelt Valentine 07

When Elphelt wins, he says: “Feelin ‘lucky, punk? ‘Cause I sure do! “ It’s a very famous quote from Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours! One of the most quoted phrases in the history of cinema.

The name Elphelt derives instead from Eliphalet Remingtonthe founder of the firearms brand of the same name.

Elphelt has more than one point in common with Noel Vermillion, the co-star of the BlazBlue series. Both are gunfighters who hate insects, have the same birthdays, and are artificial entities who have feelings. In addition both, when forced to fight seriously against the protagonists, they take on an alternate form which is their true form.

The gameplay of Elphelt, on the other hand, is very reminiscent of that of Bulleta / BB Hood from Darkstalkers. That strange combination of innocent look and hidden firearms.

Elphelt appeared as a guest in the following games: Star Ocean Anamnesis, Girls’ Frontline, Brave Frontier, Chain Chronicle, Crusaders Quest, Epic Seven, Elemental Battle and Code Shifter. Additionally, a costume inspired by her is featured in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round for Honoka.

Guilty Gear Elphelt Valentine 08