Guild Wars 2: Via Update: More new content in the new week

Players of the long-running MMORPG Guild Wars 2 should continue to be kept at the pole. For this reason there will be a fresh content update for the current add-on next week.

NCsoft today announced a second free content update for the new Guild Wars 2 online role-playing game, End of Dragons. This includes a new story called “In the Deepest Inside” and sends you into the deepest depths at the bottom of the Gyala Depression. There you have to defeat the greedy wanderer with the help of the Jade Brotherhood, which players of the title already know from the update released in February.

What is it about? After investigating worrying rumors surrounding the Jade Brotherhood’s mining operations, the commander and his allies discover who is behind the unusual happenings. A rogue demon deep within the mine uses its influence to torture its victims by manipulating their most vulnerable memories. Armed with this new knowledge and an invention that harnesses emotional energy, the commander and his allies must face demons – the literal and the metaphorical – in order to heal the wounds deep within.

The new patch thus marks the finale of the Gyala Depression cross-map meta-event, which is subsequently concluded. Completing this finale will earn you the new Task Force Armor Set, Hand Drill Mace, Xunlai Nephrite Crusher Hammer, Mini Phoenix, and other rewards.

Following the conclusion of the story, the update also brings new activities to Canthas’ End of Dragons maps. This includes new adventures with Collection Challenges in Jade Bot Drone Mode, Siege Turtle Target Practice, Skiff Racing and more. Last but not least, new raid events are gradually being added, with the Oni hunting Cantha.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – Deepest Depths Trailer

End of Dragons is a new adventure in the long-running MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

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