guide to all locations of Odin’s ravens

In God of War Ragnarok, find our review here, as in its predecessor you will have to hunt down the Ravens of Odin. In this second chapter of the adventure of Kratos and Atreus you will find them the beauty of 48some will be easy to kill while for others you will have to work hard.

Find Odin’s ravens is required to open all Legendary Reward Chests at the Raven Tree in Niflheim. These chests contain a set of armor and runic attacks, as well as the last one will allow you to get a hilt useful for obtaining a trophy.

Obviously, before starting, we remind you that there are major spoilers about the game in this guide, go ahead at your own risk.


#1 – As soon as you arrive, or when you leave the portal, look to your left and you will find a crow positioned sitting on a rock.

#2 – Next to the dwarven shop in Nidavellir, go left and look up, a raven sits atop a house.

#3 – You will need the spear for this raven, so you will be forced to return to the mines later. After blowing up some rubble with the legendary weapon, follow the path to the end and look at the ceiling. There is a grab point, press it to swing. Once this is done, go down using the gold chain, a Troll boss will spawn in the next room, called “Miklimunnr”. Defeat him, then crouch through the tunnel at the end of the room. This leads to a room with a red resource chest, exit through the gate on the right and the crow will be in front of you.

#4 – Near the quarry crane, go down towards the path, you will see a wall with wind blowing out of it, throw a spear to create a road. Then you can see the crow flying in a circle above the water in the center of the area, you just have to hit it.

#5 – The Forge
You can safely return to it at the end of the game: go to Nidavellir beach, take the little train that will take you to the Forge. After the train ride, you may notice a crow flying to the right.

#6 – Inside the main area of ​​the Forge where you get the spear you will find a crow sitting on the left wall.

#7 – After the scene of the train to the Myrkr Tunnels, as soon as you arrive look around to see it flying around.

#8 – After the crash scene you will see the body flying over the water.

#9 – Find this crow in the Torsolo area: you will have to solve the puzzle to unlock it.

#10 – As soon as you reach the Forge you will find it leaning on a rock.

#11 – You find it inside a tunnel accessible via Alberich’s Pit.

#12 – In the sky over the highest area of ​​Alberich Island.

#13 – Still on Alberich Island but between two rocks.


#1 – On top of a tree on the way to the Temple of Light.

#2 – In the temple of light behind a barrier reachable after solving a puzzle.

#3 – Found along the normal path in the Temple of Light.

#4 – In the desert air of the Canyon near the dwarf’s shop.

#5 – While you are going to the Barren Lands, you will find it on a tree near the gate.

#6 – Still in the barren lands, you can find it inside the eye on the skeleton of the giant monster present in the center of the map.

#7 – You can find it in the Forbidden Sands, behind a rock mass.

#8 – Fly near the Freyr statue.

#9 – You can find it in the northwest corner of the Forbidden Sands, behind the troll statue.

#10 – Under the library there is a wall that you can break, enter it and you will find the crow.


#1 – You can find it hovering in the skies of Helgrind, near the passage of the realms used to get to the area the first time.

#2 – While you are leaving the kingdom it will be located on top of a runestone.


#1 – The top of the wreck of the Oarsmen.

#2 – On a ledge where the Frozen Filmstrip is.

#3 – South of the temple of Tyr.

#4 – Along the path near the temple of Tyr.

#5 – On top of a beam in the Crumbling Outpost area.

#6 – After talking to the Norns on the return journey.


#1 – Near the Mystical Passage used to get to the kingdom.

#2 – In the area where Surtr is located.


#1 – After exiting Freyr’s camp.

#2 – Exploring the Veiled Passage.

#3 – Can be seen along the river but can only be eliminated by going through the ruins.

#4 – In the Cascare della Dea area.

#5 – Only during the day, found in the Southern Wastes.

#6 – Exploring Pilgrim’s Landing you will find a legendary chest, he is nearby.

#7 – After leaving Freyr’s camp the second time you will find him on one of the trees in the Bosco di Barri

#8 – South of the Abandoned Village

#9 – After discovering the crater you will see it flying quietly around.

#10 – In the middle of the plains along a dried up river.

#11 – Looking at the lightning in the west.

#12 – Not far from the day and night mechanism of the plains.

#13 – After bringing back the water go to the crater.

#14 – In front of the abyss of the Voragini.

#15 – In the northern part always in the Plains area, inside a hole in the ground.