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Destiny 2: guide on how to best prepare for season 17

Only one week separates us from the new season of Destiny 2 which, in addition to bringing us some changes in modes such as the Iron Banner, will also introduce the new 3.0 class or the solar one. For the moment, however, we can take advantage of these last few days to arrive prepared and save time by keeping part of the experience to be used directly on the new pass. If you don’t feel like wasting time like that Bungie informs us ch from the next update it will be possible to buy the first ten levels with silver which for those who do not know is the currency that can be purchased through in-game microtransactions.

As everyone will know, one of the fundamental points to have a lot of extra experience to redeem with the new pass is to keep the sizes. For novices, the bounties once completed have no expiration and can be redeemed when the player deems it appropriate, to have an additional boost if we land in a social area with a friend and then click on the mission we will have many more points than normal. A piece of advice we would like to give you is to keep mainly the weekly ones and not to occupy space with the repeatable ones since the former are worth a lot unlike the latter..

Complete the missions of the weapons with a red outline, this is because in addition to the fact that the secondary elements such as the skillful or the ruinous will be removed and only the neutral one will remain, which as we know is used to craft the weapons. Even the latter with the new season will increase in number, consequently having some material aside could be useful to get some equipment particularly at the beginning..

Another element that we advise you not to underestimate is the syntoffa that can be obtained from Ada-1 at the tower through particular sizes. This is because the new iron banner will give a gigantic boost to those who play with the full armor of the modeso if you don’t want to be there swapping armor pieces and destroying your builds, farm this material and change the look of your equipment.

These are the main tips we can give you to better prepare for Destiny 2 Season 17, if you have any others please let us know with a comment below and stay tuned to MonkeyBit.