GTA, the film with Eminem was rejected by Rockstar

It is not uncommon that, in an attempt to ride its success, we try to bring a particularly famous video game from the sofas of our house to the armchairs of the big screen. Nowadays when we talk about “video game” among various titles that embody the term it is almost natural to also think of the saga of Grand Theft Auto, a very original title that has undoubtedly marked the history of the gaming world over the years. In this long period of success it would have been strange if to the title of Rock stars had not been at least proposed to appear at least once on the big screen. Well, it happened; at the time of GTA 3.
More than 20 years have passed since the release of the third chapter of the Rockstar saga but only now we come to find out about the strange request that one day came to the US company. Hollywood was very interested in the famous video game audience and proposed an action film directed by Tony Scott and that the rapper would have Eminem as protagonist. Undoubtedly a curious combination that has not, however, aroused the interest of Rockstar Games. Kirk Ewing And Sam Houserat the time head of the New York company, thought the success of GTA was bigger than any film and that it was a useless investment.

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