GTA San Andreas, a fan recreates Grove Street with Unreal Engine 5

The result is impressive

GTA San Andreas really deserves a remake to match the titles for the ninth generation, and this new project from a fan gives an idea of ​​how much Grove Street could be great withUnreal Engine 5.

L’Unreal Engine 5 it’s amazing, no doubt about it. In addition to the great development teams that have already started creating their new worlds within the latest engine of Epicwe’ve seen some amazing fan remakes and demo projects that showcase the skills of Unreal Engine 5. Recently, a modder recreated Grove Street from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas inside this powerful engine and the result is undoubtedly amazing.

Grove Street looks amazing in the GTA San Andreas remake demo

TeaserPlay recently shared some footage of his most recent project in Unreal Engine 5, which is the recreation of Grove Streetthe iconic neighborhood of GTA San Andreas. The mod shows both day and night of Grove Street with impressive images, high quality textures and stunning lighting.

A template was also used in this demo 3D from CJcreated by Hossein Diba. It is not a project MetaHumanbut it looks absolutely detailed.

Unfortunately, this is not a playable project and the modder will not publish it as it could run into serious problems later, given the aggressiveness of Take-Two towards modders. That said, it is still a great effort to show the capabilities of theUnreal Engine 5 and to let fans know what a game looks like Grand Theft Auto new generation, albeit probably Rockstar will use its internal engine for the development of GTA 6.

We remind you that GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is currently available for the eighth and ninth consoles and for the PC, with improved graphics and game controls.