GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries available – it’s all in the big update!

Today is the day: The big summer update “San Andreas Mercenaries” is available for GTA Online. Here we give you an overview of what to expect!

In GTA Online, you can now team up with Charlie Reed and his team of mercenaries to take down Merryweather Security in Project Overthrow. This is a new series of missions across the streets, waters and skies of southern San Andreas, introduced with today’s major summer update, San Andreas Mercenaries.

A hangar mechanic and ex-military with a wealth of experience, Reed will take you on a series of guerrilla ops and heists at high altitude. There are a total of six new missions for one to four players designed to test your skills as a mercenary. You must conduct scouting, recover valuable equipment, undertake daring rescues, and fight your way through the teeth of Merryweather’s well-oiled war machine.

Project Overthrow can be started via the Mammoth Avenger’s new operations terminal; this is available from Warstock Cache & Carry. As a member of the Los Santos Angels, you can also take on three new private assignments there: the Los Santos Angels Operations. You will receive an outfit as a reward for completing each mission for the first time. As the quests are replayed, there are rotating optional bonus objectives that provide additional payouts.

The functionality of the Mammoth Avenger has been significantly expanded. You no longer need to have a base (or hangar) to own and operate an Avenger, you can simply have it delivered to your current location via the Services section of the Interaction menu. Owners of a hangar with a workshop can equip their flying fortress with new military upgrades. These include forward-facing machine guns, missiles, a stealth mode, and a guided missile jammer that can be activated on autopilot.

Other new features in the extensive update:

  • New hangar upgrades are available, including a Mk II weapons workshop, hangar staff, space for your Avengers, and more
  • New Smuggler Acquisition and Sell Missions, available through the laptop in the Hangar
  • New vehicles including the Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT, Maibatsu MonstroCiti, Declasse Walton L35, Vapid Ratel, F-160 Raiju, Mammoth Streamer216 and more
  • New Weapons: The Tactical SMG is available from the Weapon Transporter
  • Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S:
    • New “Career” section where you can see the progress of your criminal career
    • The Vinewood Car Club is now open to GTA+ members
GTA Online – San Andreas Mercenaries Launch Trailer

The big summer update “San Andreas Mercenaries” is now available for GTA Online.

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