GTA 6 will have different locations around the world and will last 500 hours, for Michael Pachter

GTA 6 will have different locations around the world and will last 500 hours, for Michael Pachter

The latest rumors about GTA 6 come from analyst Michael Pachter, who claims to have received news of a truly colossal game from some of his sources.

GTA 6 was the focus of a recent speech by the famous market analyst Michael Pachter, who allegedly referred to unspecified “sources” of his knowledge to say that the new Rockstar Games game could be huge, with settings scattered around. for the world and a duration of 500 hours.

Obviously, they must all be taken as speculations without official foundation, not knowing who we are these mysterious sources of Pachter, but the managing director of Wedbush Securities says he is sure of the colossal dimensions of the new chapter of the series, in a new video published on his Pachter Factor channel went on stage yesterday.

According to Pachter, work on GTA 6 would have started between 2014 and 2015, so it would be an extremely long development, reaching almost 8 years in 2022, all due to the size of the project.

The first phase was only pre-production of course, but development has continued steadily over the years, involving thousands of developers.

The analyst reported that the dimensions of GTA 6 are truly out of scale, so much so as to result in a series of interconnected maps that will take us around the world, including Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and even areas of Europe, like a reproduction of London, which Pachter considers “safe” within the game.

Rumored GTA 6  Map

“It will literally be a 400 or 500-hour game when it comes out,” he said. The idea of ​​Rockstar Games, according to Pachter, is to build a base that can last for many years, as happened with GTA 5. In addition to a very long single-player mode, there will obviously also be the multiplayer platform that will have to bring forward GTA 6 for years, which prompted Rockstar Games to design a truly colossal game.

Meanwhile, beyond the announcement that GTA 6 is in the works, there has been no official information from Rockstar Games about the game, although a possible release period can be gleaned from some Take-Two statements.