GTA 6, Uber is partnering with the FBI and Microsoft expresses solidarity with Rockstar Games

Microsoft and Uber also comment on the harsh hacker attack that hit Rockstar Games.

In the course of these days the world of the web has been shaken by the gigantic leak that hit Rockstar Games and especially GTA 6with a group of hacker who managed to enter the servers of the American development team so as to get their hands on a large amount of videos regarding the highly anticipated sixth chapter of Grand Theft Autocomplete with the game’s source code.

Microsoft and Uber also comment on the leak that hit GTA 6

And while on the net we discuss about the real nature of who is behind this gigantic leak, we report how in the course of yesterday’s Monday 19 September 2022also Uber has been the victim of an important attack hackerwith the company officially confirming the violation of its security systems, accusing the group Lapsus $.

Below you will find the official comment of Uber to this attack hackerimmediately after a few hours the one who hit Rockstar Games And GTA 6:

This group it usually uses similar techniques to hit tech companies, and in fact in 2022 it hit, among others, companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta. Over the weekend, there were also reports linked to an action by the same actor against Rockstar Games. I can tell you that we are working closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice and will continue to offer support for the investigation.“.

Waiting to learn more about this sad matter, we report the new message shared directly by Sarah BondVice President of Xboxwhere he expressed all his closeness to Rockstar Games following the leak he sadly saw involved GTA 6:

“My thoughts go to Rockstar Games. It can be daunting to have a project that is being worked hard on to delight fans to see it leaked and criticized before it’s ready. I know they are creating something special and I can’t wait to try GTA6 when it is officially presented ”.