GTA 6, the author of the hacker attack seems to have been arrested

The culprit of the hacker attack inflicted on Rockstar Games and GTA 6 appears to have been arrested.

According to the information that is emerging strongly on the net in these hours, the guilty imposing haker attack that hit Rockstar Games And GTA 6 in recent days, shaking up the entire web in an important way, it was finally arrested.

In fact, as stated by the official account City of London Policethe lad from 17 years who got their hands on a huge amount of data regarding the new chapter belonging to the series Grand Theft Autowas arrested directly by the London police.

It seems that the hacker who attacked Rockstar Games and GTA 6 has been arrested

The arrest of the seventeen-year-old seems to have occurred precisely for the attack hacker committed against Rockstar Games and consequently of GTA 6during the day yesterday of 22 September 2022 in Oxfordshire, London, by the City Of London Policecalled to supervise the financial district of the city, as well as to intervene personally in cases of fraud and data theft occurring on the web.

So the boy, whose identity is still totally shrouded in mystery, was arrested by the competent authorities last night, Thursday 22 September 2022, with the aforementioned agents who consequently took him into custody. However, it is important to underline that they are not explicitly mentioned in the official press release Rockstar Games And Grand Theft Auto 6but a whole series of elements strongly suggest that it is his own.

This is because in recent days the news has emerged on the net that the hacking group is called Lapsus$, with the boss of this theme who is just a guy from 17 years who lives inOxfordshire. Furthermore, at the beginning of this turbulent 2022 the boy was always arrested by the City of London Policefor stealing approx 10 million from pounds thanks to a hacker attack inflicted on various companies, such as Microsoft, Samsung and many others.

We await further communications on the matter from those directly involved.