GTA 6, Microsoft may have revealed the release period of the game

Microsoft may have revealed when GTA 6 will be released.

According to what was stated by Microsoft in documents sent to the UK antitrust investigation into the acquisition of Activision Blizzardthe colossus of Redmond may have unveiled the year it will be launched GTA 6new chapter in the series of which very little is still known since Rockstar Games she hasn’t shared pretty much anything about him yet. be set for the 2024.

Microsoft may have revealed that GTA 6 will be released on the market during 2024

So waiting for the American development team to share new information about the game, with take Two Interactive who stated that the game is making itself wait and not a little because they are looking for absolute quality, Microsoft may have revealed the release year of this one sixth chapter from Grand Theft Auto.

In fact, according to what was stated by the American giant, GTA 6 will arrive on the market in a couple of years, precisely in the course of 2024.
Below you will find the statements of the company Redmond shared directly to CM extension we talked about in this article:

“The highly anticipated Gran Theft Auto 6 should be released in 2024”

Obviously it is good to specify how these declarations of Microsoft it would seem to be more of a guess, complete with conditional used aimed at emphasizing this fact, so it appears anything but certain that the new chapter of Grand Theft Auto could actually hit the market in a couple of years.

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