GTA 6, developers from all over the world show the first builds in solidarity

The developers are sharing the first builds of their games after the GTA 6 leak

Last week, over 90 videos of gameplay of GTA 6 in development they went around the web, sparking a reaction from those who said the game looked ugly and unfinished. So, in response, other developers started sharing early alpha footage of their work, to shed some light on what the games actually look like before release.

The response from developers around the world to GTA leaks

The key point of all these tweets is that graphics aren’t the first thing that gets completed in development, then GTA 6 – years after its release – it won’t seem like a complete game. Developers tend to use stock models or to recycle old resources, whether it’s using characters from Killzone in Horizon Zero Dawn or real photos of developers doing yoga poses in Rift of the NecroDancer.

Over the past couple of years EA has shown more footage in development with Skate and the Dead Space remake, giving us an idea of ​​how sausage is made. It’s not always nice. Dead Spacefor example, it has block-colored monochrome textures as a substitute for art, with an unfinished user interface.

The cute animals of Cult of the Lamb they once looked like horned humans, wandering around the campsite awkwardly. The textures were blocky and lacking in detail, while the animations were much more grumpy. One early version even featured the player as a demonic bunny rather than the lamb of the same name.

Controlas the lead designer pointed out Paul Ehreth, it won awards for its graphics, but it wasn’t the best game in the world in development. The floor was an orange grid, the scenery was gray and lacking in detail, and the throwable objects were blocks with writing “throw me”.

Immortality, in which lost footage is put together, was no different from the previous ones. Unstructured gray shapes represented tables and chairs, with text at the bottom acting as a placeholder: “Marissa_Marcel: Insert generic cortex here”.

GTA 6 It wasn’t yet to be shown, as it was a leak in development, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t look like a fully finished final version. The games are made in pieces and the graphics are not the first thing to finish.