GTA 6, according to some fans Rockstar is anticipating it with references in GTA online

But the supporting evidence is very tenuous

GTA 6 it could be the subject of advances inserted in the form of subliminal messages, cryptic references and easter eggs within GTA Online. To make this assumption they are some fansthe most attentive to everything related to their favorite series, who sifting through the Grand Theft Auto multiplayer code are finding some references also present in the stolen GTA 6 videos.

GTA 6, references in GTA online to anticipate an imminent announcement?

A few days ago, in particular, had been a new shirt introduced in GTA Online to shout at the imminence of an official announcement for the next chapter. The design printed on the T-shirt, in fact, reproduced a taxi with a city background that did not seem to correspond to either Los Santos nor a Vice City. That was enough to suggest that it was a first look at the city that will be the location for GTA 6.

The easy deductions continued with a new update, which in this case involves an automobile. Let’s talk about Hotring Everon, found in the GTA Online code but not yet available. The decals on the car show a bottle of and Cola with a different design than what gamers are used to. Not only that, but it seems that the bottle is aesthetically the same as the one seen in the videos stolen a few months ago.

From these two episodes the fans, evidently thirsty for information on GTA 6, have begun to hypothesize that Rockstar Games is ramping up the frequency of cross-referencing between its games to prepare for an upcoming official announcement. These are obviously assumptions moved by blind love for the series, which among other things fit into an unprecedented context in which we already know a lot about GTA 6 due to the videos stolen from Rockstar Games.

Still on the subject of that stolen material, we recall that Take-Two has imposed the removal from the network of a Goat Simulator 3 commercial which incredibly showed part of the stolen video sequences.