GSC Game World resumes development after the war in Ukraine stopped

GSC Game World has confirmed that it has resumed development for STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobylgame he saw an abrupt stop to construction due to the war that has been afflicting Ukraine for almost three months. The firm, we recall, had its headquarters near Kiev, and the war situation that still rages in the country has forced the team to interrupt the work in order to safeguard their safety.

Confirmation comes from the game’s official Discord, where a developer wrote that work continues. News that can only hearten, since this means that the team is still safe. Clearly, it is likely that the game will be postponed again for a few monthsbecause it is objectively difficult that the stop to the works did not affect the release date.

After all, the developers of GSC Game World had more important aspects to think aboutincluded also the change of subtitle. In any case, the team confirmed that they are also working on different difficulty levels that can adapt to all types of players.


The variety of options, the team suggests, will be truly remarkable and it will make the game enjoyable for both the player who is for the first time with a controller in handboth to the seasoned player and since 2007 is the undisputed first in the ranking of the most popular and dangerous STALKER in the area.

“We are preparing different difficulty settings so that players can find the right level of challenge. There will also be something dedicated to truly hardocre experts “, explains GSC. In short, there will be something for all tastes.

STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobyl is currently in development at GSC Game World. The title will be released on Xbox Game Pass on Day One for PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X platformsAnd will be released on December 8, 2022. The game will take full advantage of all platforms and on Xbox Series X will run in 4K.

The title will obviously be set in the Chornobyl Alienation Zone, which according to the developers will be bigger than ever, and like its predecessors, this title will also be technically very advanced. The title will in fact boast a technical sector of the highest level, including a high use of photogrammetry and above all the implementation of Ray Tracing in real time. A taste, after all, we can get it right with the trailer in question.

But it doesn’t stop there, Motion Capture will also be used for character movement, always a very welcome feature. Even the AI ​​will undergo a marked improvement, and thanks to the enhanced version of “A-Life”, the NPCs will be able to act regardless of the presence of the player in the areamaking the world more alive than ever.

For example, we will be able to see two different factions fighting each other hundreds of meters apart, with the player who will be able to scrutinize everything from afar. All these features, combined with the technical feat mentioned above, make STALKER 2 an impossible title to run on Xbox One and Xbox One X. And maybe that’s a good thing, considering that the game seems to weigh over 180GB!

Source: Twitter