Grounded, a new update is coming for the holidays

Grounded is ready to update for Christmas. During the month of December, in fact, some new features will be available for purchase at Science shop which will be used to create for theHoliday tree and the Holiday wreath. Furthermore, theHoliday Tree may also drop random gifts to the player, again only during the month of December. It is important to clarify that whatever is purchased, even if it is only available for purchase in December, will remain usable even after.

Grounded is updated with new content and features

This update dedicated to Christmas brings with it a lot of new features, with many new features and components that have been added to the Science shop of the game. Obsidian has therefore decided to push hard on this period of the year, giving all players the possibility of redeeming things that will be used in the game and which in any case will be available even after the Christmas period. Here are some of the additions:

  • Increased backpack inventory
  • Zip lines can go up
  • Added 29 Bug Trophies
  • Multiple HotPouch bars
  • Reworked weapon mutations
  • Depth of field options
  • Tons of changes in quality of life

But the news is certainly not only these! For a more detailed list that includes everything that is added with this update and to find out more details, we refer you to official site.