Great PlayStation exclusives are celebrated in the new promotional video

The PlayStation exclusives are at the center of the new promotional spot by sonywhich celebrates the variety and scale of blockbusters produced by Playstation Studios. The game and the endless adventures it leads us to live, the experiences it makes us part of and the personalities it introduces us to are at the heart of the message that is transmitted. Where will the game take you?reads the title of the video uploaded to the official YouTube channel.

PlayStation exclusives: where will the next big games take us?

The sequences shown in the trailer are taken from the most important PlayStation exclusives. From God of War Ragnarok to Horizon Forbidden Westfrom Ghost of Tsushima to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apartfrom Uncharted 4 to Returnalfrom Gran Turismo to The Last of Us. PlayStation fans, and others, will recognize places, characters and events that have accompanied the history of the Sony console over the years and that have made it a global success.

The game takes us to new heights, new territories, new extreme experiences, new encounters, new adventures, new missions, towards the unknown, the unexpected and the unexpected, towards new loves, new dreams, new places where we are not. never been. And you, where will the game take you?

The link inserted in the video description refers to a page dedicated to PlayStation exclusives and all the great cross-platform games currently available for the next-gen Sony console. Those who have not yet entered the worlds of the best works of PlayStation Studios can find an in-depth presentation. But it’s the entire PlayStation universe that takes center stage, with third-party, free-to-play and indie games available on the next-gen console.

There is also room for games to come in the near future, from The Callisto Protocol to Hogwarts Legacypassing through Street Fighter VI, Forspoken, Need for Speed ​​Unbound And Wild Hearts. In short, the new commercial and the new page seem to want to summarize the greatness of PlayStation in terms of content. On the one hand it could be a promotional move in view of Christmas shopping, on the other a way to underline Sony’s strengths in a commercially complicated moment in terms of relations with the competition.

In any case, seeing the great PlayStation exclusives all together in these summary videos is always a pleasant experience for those who love gaming in the broadest sense. Finding the contents at the center and leaving aside the controversies and mere commercial dynamics is a breath of fresh air for those who are in love with this medium and consider it the best form of entertainment.