Gran Turismo, Sony would be working on a film according to Deadline

According to a Deadline report, Gran Turismo will become a movie and not a TV series

Gran Turismo is a hugely successful series for PlayStation that goes on from afar 1997. To date, the series counts well seven main chapters and several spin-offs. The last chapter has come both up PS4 that PS5 in March, also finding a great success (as well as its predecessors). This success obviously pushed Sony to invest more in one of its spearheads, trying to get it out of the gaming sector.

Just recently, in fact, Sony has announced that it has several TV series based on some of its most successful exclusives: Horizon, God of War and, in fact, Gran Turismo. But, to be precise, according to a report by Deadlinethe project that Sony would have in the pipeline for Gran Turismo it would appear to actually be a movie and not a TV series.

Will Gran Turismo be a film directed by Neill Blomkamp?

More precisely, Sony would have in mind to entrust the direction to Neill Blomkampdirector of District 9. At the moment, however, there is no further information on this. Indeed, Sony has not yet announced the platform on which the project will arrive unlike Horizon (which will be a product of Netflix) And God of War (which instead will be entrusted to Amazon Prime).

Obviously, this information was stolen from a report and therefore we invite you to consider them with due precautions. Although the source is reliable and well known in the world PlayStationit is in no way official information and therefore we just have to wait for an official confirmation from the Japanese company.