Gran Turismo 7, the Ferrari Vision GT is ready for its debut

On the page Twitter officer of Gran Turismoa short video about a minute long has appeared regarding the futuristic “Ferrari Vision GT“, a car that currently exists only in digital version, ready to be added to the already considerable fleet starting from December 23rd next.

The car appeared for the first time during the Gran Turismo World Finals, held in Monte Carlo last weekend, in conjunction with the event for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series. The digital concept was designed over the past two and a half years, he explained Flavio Manzonivice president of design at Ferrari, and wants to show what the future vision of the brand is. All the departments of the company, and in particular the aerodynamic and engineering departments, have contributed to the development of the concept, trying to recreate their concept of “supercars of the future“.

The reactions of the community have been varied, but in general the impact of the Ferrari Vision GT it was negative. In fact, while there are those who appreciate the design of the car, there are also those who have pointed out that the concepts of other manufacturers are more up-to-date, functional and closer to what is in the real world. Many users then said they were unimpressed by the vehicle, and would have preferred the inclusion of an existing model in the fleet Ferrari.