GPU, the market collapses in the third quarter of 2022, only Intel resists

A 25% reduction on an annual basis

The market for GPUs in the third quarter of 2022 it literally collapsed. In the last ten years, sales have never dropped to these levels, considering both integrated GPUs and those purchased separately. The reason may lie in the expectation of the next generation by PC manufacturers and gamers who assemble their own device.

GPU, never this bad since 2009

The third quarter of the year is historically where GPU purchases are above average. The beginning of schools and the approaching end-of-year holidays boost sales of pc and therefore the reordering of components by the manufacturing companies. In 2022, however, the expected increase in demand did not occur and companies held back orders waiting to empty their warehouses.

Turning to the numbers, the third quarter saw sales of 75.5 million units, which represents a decrease of more than 10% compared to the second quarter and as much as 25% compared to the same period last year.

The data released by Jon Peddie Research they also note that the decline is steepest among GPUs for notebookswith a drop of 30% against 15% of those for desktops. There have never been such negative numbers since 2009, in the midst of the crisis.

Speaking of manufacturers, intel confirms itself in first place, increasing its market share. 72% of the GPUs come from Intel, especially strong in pre-assembled systems, and the growth compared to the previous quarter is 4.7%. At a loss instead Nvidiawith almost 20% less sales, e AMDeven with a minus 47% and a minority market share of 12%.

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