Gotham Knights, the new mod literally bares the Bat-Family

Gotham Knights is, as tradition dictates, the new title targeted by the most savvy mod authors

Gotham Knightsopen-world action developed by WB Games Montreal it is only the latest of many titles to receive the probably much desired nude fashion. It is in fact available on the pages of NexusModsthe well-known collector of amateur mods, an add-on pack that allows us to take a look at the beloved heroes A.Djust like “mama made them” removing, in most cases, any “veil” of mystery that is so peculiar to their profession.

Gotham Knights

Red Hood, Nightwing And Bat-Girl are the characters that most of all have received this “special” treatment from modders, in fact there is a series of expansion packs available (obviously amateur) that allow us to have both full nudes and costumes not properly suited for battle. We have something for all tastes, therefore, both for those who prefer not to leave anything to mystery, and for those who prefer to see their hero in skimpy clothes, which highlight their shapes, fighting crime.

The mods in question are easily available on the section dedicated to Gotham Knights in the pages of NexusMods provided you enable, by registering on their site, the viewing of content deemed mature and sensitive.

More and more titles end up receiving these changes, in the history of the medium we have seen every type of character being stripped bare by mod makers, starting with Lara Croft over two decades ago, then moving on to Tifa in the most recent Remake from Final Fantasy 7. Not only women, of course, we have various nude fashions dedicated to Dante, Geralt (who will get a makeover soon) and many other iconic characters from the history of the video game.

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