Gotham Knights, news, gameplay and Q&A coming to Discord

After the sad announcement of the release of the exclusive release of Gotham Knights, the highly anticipated video game of Warner Bros. Gamesonly for next-generation consoles and PCs, the American gaming company has announced others Announcements arriving for Gotham Knights including a Q&A with creators on the channel Discord of the upcoming game.

Gotham Knights: All the questions we’d like to ask

Among the questions to be asked there are some that surely all users ask themselves, let’s list some of them:

  • Why exclusive next-gen?

Personally it is a choice that I struggle to understand. Come on gameplay and published videos it does not seem that there has been a qualitative and graphic upgrade to suggest that the reason may be the desire to offer a 100% next-gen product, at least not only on paper. Moreover, it is still difficult, if not impossible, to find a PlayStation 5 on the market, which reduces the number of users who will be able to buy the game from day one. We will see if this turns out to be the right commercial choice or not.

  • Will Batman be in the game?

Ok, Batman is dead. But Bruce Wayne? We know the billionaire dark Knight has always distinguished the figure of Bruce Wayne and that of Batman. Although he is aware that it is always him under that very sophisticated Kevlar suit, one always speaks of the other in the third person. Is it possible that Bruce does a cameo? Or that maybe a DLC dedicated to the bat man explain to us what really happened to the superhero without superpowers par excellence?

  • What are the future projects?

Gotham Knights is not out yet, but fans love stories with a long breath, especially those who have played the saga of Arkham. Batman’s world, Gothamhas always fascinated millions of eaters of comics, souls And movie dedicated to the dark knight and it would be really exciting to have the confirmation that Gotham Knights is just the prologue of an adventure that will bring i four horsemen to compete to inherit the coat by Batman.

We remember that Gotham Knights will be released on 10/25/2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S And PC. The game is already pre-order from the official site.