Goonies 2, Ke Huy Quan would like to do it with Steven Spielberg

The movie of Goonies is certainly one of those who most marked the cinematographic reality of its time and, in the last 30 years, there has been several times talk of a possible sequel to the work of Richard Donner. After his victory at the Golden Globes Tuesday Night’s Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Ke Huy Quan (Date in the Goonies) spoke about this possible continuation of the cult.

It seems that the actor, already following the great success he had in the late 80s, has always made himself available for the filming of a possible Goonies 2 provided however that Steven Spielberg wrote a screenplay worthy of that of the first film. Ke Huy Quan also added that in these 30 years, although he has certainly not lacked roles, he always hoped to climb the ladder of success by returning to what was the reality of his first great performance as him.
TO July 2021 however, something broke, with the death of a now 91-year-old Richard Donner it was as if the ship of the Goonies was now without a captain who could guide it. However, the actor has not lost hope and it seems that even today, 30 years after the first time, if he had the chance Ke Huy Quan would still play the role of the no longer little Data. We can only wish him that there is an opportunity.