Google engineer discovers a vulnerability in Blu-Ray Disc players

It seems that despite the two years of PlayStation 5 and over nine of PlayStation 4, there are still things to discover. For example, it seems that not all security holes have been explored – and solved – by Sony engineers. Andy Nguyen, Google’s Information Security Engineer, comes to their rescue. Nguyen gave a panel at last week’s conference.

According to Nguyen, both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – and potentially PlayStation 3 as well – could be susceptible to a problem affecting the driver that manages the Blu-Ray Disc player. This vulnerability would allow unsigned software to be run on consoles, bypassing the various anti-piracy security systems implemented by Sony. Some people, present during the meeting with Nguyen, took some photos and then posted them on Twitter. The photos show Nguyen himself who, from the stage, shows the results of his research on slides.

This was enough to launch the first hypotheses on the possible practical applications of this vulnerability on the net. Portals like GameRant recalled some exploits used to run unsigned software on PlayStation 2 that made it possible to play non-original games without physically making changes to the console. In short, the first hypothesis explored is that the flaw is exploited for piracy. But such an exploit could pave the way for the homebrew production for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


The slides posted online also contain the process that allows you to access this particular and unexpected feature Or, at least, a part of it. Let’s just hope this vulnerability can be exploited for the best. Unfortunately, our country does not shine in fairness when it comes to software and digital products.

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Source: GameRant