Goodbye Internet Explorer! It will remain available only on older versions of Windows

They are gone now 27 years since August 24, 1995on the launch day of Internet Explorerthe famous browser that for some time was the default home browser Microsoft on Windows.

Internet Explorer has been the subject of memes very often due to the slowness of the browser. Despite this, however, it has always had an excellent permanent presence in various domestic and even corporate systems.

Thus, from 15 June 2022, it will arrive the end of Internet Explorer, at least as far as Windows 10 SAC, Windows 10 20h2 and Windows 10 IoT systems are concerned. In its place there will be the modern Microsoft Edge.


On these systems, the user will be redirected from Explorer to Edge. That said though, it won’t completely disappear yet and will be available on some versions like Windows 7 ESU, Windows 8.10 and Windows 10 LTSC client, IoT and Server. The browser on these systems will no longer receive security updatein others where it will still be usable updates will still arrive and technical support will not disappear.

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Source: Economic Times