“good job with PlayStation 5”

Phil SpencerCEO of the gaming division of Microsoftwhen he was still in sight of the recent participation Tokyo Games Show 2022granted an interview to CNN in order to explain what the vision of the Redmond giant is in relation to the future development of the platforms Xbox. In this situation, however, it also found space to address some praise to the competitor Sonyfor what they did with PlayStation 5.

Phil Spencer praises the competition with his usual smile on his face:

The boss of Xbox took his time to mention the work done by the competitor company, citing the company directly and specifying the following:

“Sony has done a good job with PlayStation 5. When we look at the reputation of the PlayStation brand and that community we can learn a lot, because it’s only by focusing on your customers and doing a constant job of always surprising and delighting your users you can build. truly a loyal fan base. I see all of this on the PlayStation platforms. And I want the same thing on Xbox “.

In simple terms Phil Spencer find that Sony with her PlayStation be a good source of inspiration for teams Xbox, especially from the point of view of the launch of first party titles on a regular basis. To about Spencer he said:

“We’ve listened to player feedback and their criticisms are fair, they should hold us accountable for new games arriving on a regular basis and expect them to be great. We take these criticisms seriously ”.

Phil Spencer he is undoubtedly right. Microsoft he can learn something from the way the competition does, at least on certain aspects of business. On others it is my opinion that the opposite should happen, especially in the way of approaching competition – in this Microsoft it is definitely sportier than Sonywhich accuses the Redmond giant of wanting to monopolize brands such as call of Duty while the first and undisputed queen of exclusivity is and remains PlayStation (with some practices of exclusivity that are decidedly ambiguous from an ethical / moral point of view, ed).

Among the future plans of the company and the gaming session controlled by Phil Spencer there is also to make future console models Xbox Series X | S, as well as the entire production line, which is more energetically environmentally friendly, in order to contribute to the fight against global warming. And you, what do you think? In what Microsoft should be inspired by Sony to make his community stronger? Let us know in the space below dedicated to comments!