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Godfall Turn Codes

Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, Godfall is an action role-playing game. It features a high fantasy world, where players assume the role of the last exalted knight to prevent an apocalypse.

The game offers players five categories of weapons, including Longsword, Dual Blades, Polearm, Two-Handed Warhammer, and Two-Handed Greatsword. Godfall also offers cosmetics that enhance your appearance in the game. While we can’t expect cosmetics to improve in-game performance, we do have some codes that can help you get free skins.

All turn codes for Godfall

We typically list two categories of codes in our guides. Current codes are active codes that work in-game and provide players with the rewards listed next to them. As the name suggests, expired codes are those that have stopped working. You can bookmark this page if you want to get updated codes for the game.

Current turn codes for Godfall

  • Z9CBT-5K3TT-BBJJ3-TT3TB-Z9CTF — Royal Fortress Wall Skin
  • Z9CT3-BC3JB-T33TJ-TBJBB-KXJB3 — Phoenix Aspect of Ashengod

Expired Equipment Codes for Godfall

  • There are no expired Turn codes for Godfall at this time.

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How to redeem turn codes for Godfall

Redeeming codes for Godfall is a bit tricky. However, we have listed the steps to ensure your comfort while earning your rewards for free.

  • Visit the official SHiFT site.
  • Create an account with them if you are not registered
  • Once you’ve created your account, sign in and link your SHiFT account to the Epic Games Store, Stadia, Steam, Xbox, and PS5/PS4.
  • Go to the SHiFT rewards page
  • You can now redeem the above codes on the SHiFT website or in-game
  • Enjoy free rewards

Be sure to use these codes as soon as possible. Godfall can revoke access to them, rendering them useless. If you like our guide, check out the codes for other games here.

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