God of War Ragnarok receives PS1 demake trailer

God of War Ragnarok it is a game characterized by an excellent technical sector, especially on PlayStation 5with the new work of Sony Santa Monica Studio which allows fans to enjoy i Nine Realms that make up Norse mythology in dazzling form.

A fan imagined God of War Ragnarok as a PlayStation 1 game

But this game would work the same even if it was released over the years 90’s? Would it have had the same affection even if characterized by much less effective graphics than the current one? A fan decided to answer this question, who created and then shared the inevitable trailer of demake with a strong nostalgic flavour.

The trailer for the demake in question regarding God of War Ragnarok was made by the content creator Jackartand lets us see it in action Kratos and Atreusas well as the Norse God Tyr and the vengeful Freya, all reimagined as characters belonging to the generation Playstation 1.

And yes, just as you would expect, when Kratos And Tyr shake hands, it is possible to see a real “explosion of polygons” on the screen, in full style PS1.
Below you will find the demake from God of War Ragnarok which we have just told you about in this article,

With this news archived, we remind you that in the last few hours theWelcome Trailer of the game, which you can see at the following link, while here you can discover the changelog of the new one patch 2.001with Santa Monica Study who has corrected with this update a whole series of bugs that afflicted the game.