God of War Ragnarok, one in four players have already completed it

The unprecedented success of God of War Ragnarokat least in terms of sales speed after launch, does not seem to stop at the ability to have convinced millions of fans to buy. Consulting the data relating to game trophiesin fact, we realize that after about twenty days from the debut the main story has already been completed by 25% of the players.

God of War Ragnarok, 4% of players have already platinum

It is not a novelty, especially in recent years and with the production of increasingly long and complex works, that many players hang up the controller before completing the main video game campaigns. The God of War Ragnarok data is then corroborating, also considering that the main quest is not completed in a very short time. Probable that the events of Kratos have also convinced pad in hand and that reaching the end of the journey was an imperative for many buyers.

In the coming weeks and months, the completion rate is sure to rise. At the same time it will be interesting to analyze the percentage of conquest of the trophy of Platinum. In fact, in the latest PlayStation weight exclusives, there was a 100% completion rate that was very high compared to the average, also thanks to long but not difficult trophy lists.

For now, God of War Ragnarok Platinum has been pinned to less than 4% of players. This statistic, of course, is not related to the liking of the game and its plot, considering that the secondary activities required involve painstaking exploration of the world created by Santa Monica.

Returning to the players who have finished the story, the positive data must be kept close and taken as a sign of the appreciation of the great cinematic videogame productions, in which PlayStation continues to be the undisputed leader.

God of War Ragnarok