God of War Ragnarok, David Jaffe and his thoughts on too many suggestions of the game

Recently Dave Jaffe, through his twitter account, decided to give us his opinion regarding the too many suggestions that God of War Ragnarok continues to give to players.

Dave Jaffecreator of the original saga starring the ghost of sparta decided to comment on the controversy that God Of War Ragnarok has aroused, especially as regards a very annoying problem that afflicts him.

God Of War Ragnarok and his incessant suggestions

Despite the Norse apocalypse made in Sony Santa Monica has achieved enormous success both among the world press and in the entire gamer community thanks to its indisputable quality, however this does not lead the game to be totally free from criticism. In fact, players complain about how the Ps4-Ps5 exclusive is overly accommodating towards players when it comes to solving puzzles related to the main quest.

A player of honor is also complaining about it, we are in fact talking about the creator of the original saga released in the now remote 2005 on the very lucky one PlayStation 2. Dave Jaffe he complains about how the title accompanies the player too aggressively as soon as a plot puzzle arises, he also explains how this, however, is necessary to ensure that players do not remain “stuck” in front of a path and that this could perhaps lead them to abandon the title or worse, not to buy it at all.

Dave Jaffe has however justified the choice of Sony Santa Monicadefining it necessary since these projects have enormous budgets behind them which need to be repaid with sales defined as “safe” in any case and this leads the software houses to make certain choices in terms of usability of the title so that it can be appreciated by an audience as much as possible vast as possible. The “Father” of the Spartan also suggested in his tweet the possibility of reducing the frequency of suggestions without ever, however, being able to permanently eliminate it.

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