God of War Ragnarok classified in Korea. The release date announcement may be imminent

God of War Ragnarok was ranked in Korea in the last few hours. To report everything was the user Nibellion on his Twitter profile, also showing a screen where you can find the classification of the game. Precisely for this reason, it therefore seems that the announcement of a release date of the game is imminent, and it could also be a rather close date.

Usually, when a game is classified in Korea – or in one of the other entities – it is because shortly thereafter it will be published or in any case the publication date will be communicated. A similar thing happened in the past with Demon’s Souls Remake and Horizon Forbidden West.

In fact, in August 2020 Demon’s Souls Remake had been classified in Korea and Japan, and this had led to think that the title would be released at the launch of PlayStation 5, which in fact then happened. The same happened with Horizon Forbidden West, classified in Korea about 3 months before launch, or again with Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


It is therefore legitimate to expect the same thing with God of War Ragnarok. Sony Interactive Entertainment has reiterated several times that the game will be released in 2022, and this could just be yet another confirmation of how the Japanese giant wants to meet the promised date. Will he succeed? We will see.

God of War Ragnarok is expected exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will boast a considerable level of accessibility. The game, unless postponed, will be released in 2022 and it will be, according to Santa Monica, the last chapter set in Norse mythology.

Furthermore, in God of War Ragnarok we will be able to explore all 9 Norse Kingdoms And it will not aim to revolutionize the winning formula of the first chapter but simply improve it.

This direction will also apply to the direction, which will return to use a very long sequence shot that will last from the intro to the end credits. That said, the game has seen heavy criticism relating to the design of Angrboda and Thor.

As for Angrboda, players have complained about the color of the skin. Obviously there was no lack of Santa Monica response. Thor on the other hand was criticized for being too much “fat“.

In this regard, McCormak, former Strongman Powerlifting champion, intervened who explained how Thor would be a physically very strong human being. Also, to stay on the God of Thunder theme, we refer you to this spectacular animated short made by an animator who is a fan of the game. The result… well, it speaks for itself.

Source: Twitter