God of War Ragnarök, a clip shows the graphical improvements achieved in 2022

Santa Monica has managed to make various improvements to the technical sector of the game.

In recent days Sony Interactive Entertainment And Santa Monica Studio have decided to announce the accessibility features that fans will be able to enjoy in God of War Ragnaröka title that should be released exclusively PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5 at the end of this turbulent 2022.

And precisely on this occasion, aimed at celebrating the Global Accessibility Awareness Daythe American development team shared a new clip of the game starring the God of War Kratos and his son Atreusallowing fans to get a glimpse of the progress made by Santa Monica Studio for what concern technical sector of your new project.

Santa Monica Studio has made some improvements to the technical side of God of War Ragnarök

In fact, among these we also find GermanStrandswhich has published a new twitter aimed at comparing the technical sector of the latest build of God of War Ragnarök shown just a few days ago, and that instead protagonist of the first gameplay trailer of the game shown to the general public in that of the month of September 2021.

So taking a look at this quick comparison clip, you can immediately notice some improvement in some of the texture featured in the scene shown the other day by Santa Monica Studiowith a noticeable improvement for example in the trees behind Kratos and Atreus. In addition, the fur around the neck of the son of the God of War has also enjoyed some improvement compared to last year.

Additionally, this small clip clearly shows a noticeable change in lighting and particle particles at that time God of War Ragnaröknow making the overall scene much more pleasant and if we want impact in this new build of the game.

Below you will find the video clip we talked about in this article, while a little further below you will find the gameplay trailer of the title released in September 2021: