God of War, Dave Bautista would like to play Kratos in the TV series

The Hollywood star would like to take on the role of the Greek God of War.

A couple of days ago Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced the arrival of the TV series from God of Wararriving in the next few months exclusively at Amazon Prime Videoas well as of the TV shows dedicated to Horizon it’s at Gran Turismo (although in the latter case it could be at the end of a movie), with fans immediately starting to fantasize about these three new transpositions.

But returning to the franchise of Santa Monica Studioone of the most loved series by fans of PlayStationmany have begun to wonder who it could be the actor chosen by the production to take on the role of none other than the Greek god of war.

Why yes, in the announcement above Sony Interactive Entertainment she simply confirmed that she was currently working on one TV series from God of War for Amazonwithout however going to provide a whole series of additional details on the project.

The Hollywood star would like to play Kratos in the God of War TV series

In fact, at the moment not even one of the actors that will be possible to find in the cast of this new work is known, with a large slice of fans who hope to be able to see Dave Bautista take on the shoes of Kratos. And this desire of the audience reached the ears of the actor who plays among others Drax in the films of Guardians of the Galaxyand more generally in the Marvel Cinematic Universereplying in a rather cryptic way through the comments section of his Instagram profile.

Below you will find the statements of the actor:

“According to people’s opinion, [davanti a me] there would be practically everyone else. But hey, I love to show people I’m wrong “

Well yes, what we can say is that Dave Bautista he would be happy to be able to interpret Kratos in the television series of God of Warwith fans who therefore hope that Sony can actually make the famous actor’s wish come true Hollywoodthus giving a very specific face to the God of War in Live Action version.