Geoff Keighley believes there will be fewer events this summer

The reporter explains the reasons for this belief.

When the opening event of the Summer Game Festa digital show that will be hosted by Geoff Keighley at 20:00 Italian on Thursday June 9, 2022here in these hours the journalist has shared new statements regarding the upcoming videogame summer.

Well the good Keighley he said he thinks fewer events will take place this summer than third parts videogame theme, this is because, according to him, the companies in question could seize the opportunity represented by already existing events, such as the Summer Game Festto present their products.

Geoff Keighley he is convinced that fewer videogame-themed events will be staged this summer

Below you can find the statements of Geoff Keighley:

There were a lot of events last year that disappointed everyone because they weren’t real press conferences, right? Let’s take those from Take-Two, Capcom, Square Enix and others like it.

I believe they have learned that if you want to give a lecture you need to have at least 30 minutes of content. Sometimes they only had one or two big games to show, which isn’t enough for a full event.

In short, second Geoff Keighley from now on there will be fewer and fewer videogame-themed events of third parties, this is because it is increasingly difficult to be able to organize shows capable of satisfying users, thus preferring to queue up to events already organized to announce their titles.